Liquid chemical products terminal


Year capacity:

100.000 T



6.500 CUB. M



12.5 M



Liquid chemical products are pumped out from tankers at the rate of 500 t per hour. The tank is insulated and the cargo in storage may be heated.

The terminal operates according to the following loading scheme: vessel-tank- motor vehicle. A covered motor vehicle loading point at the capacity of 100 t per hour has been installed. This terminal is an important logistic segment for raw materials import, delivered to a plastic plant, operating in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone.

Liquid cargo are being delivered to the plant by “door-to- door” service, employing BEGA logistics and specialized motor transport divisions.

Technical data

Berths: NR. 71-72

Max. Vessel Draft: 11.5 M

Number of tanks: 1

Storage capacity: 6.500 m3

Tank trucks loading capacity: 100 t/h

Annual capacity:  100.000 tons