Liquid food products terminal


Year capacity:

1,2 MLN. T



11.500 CUB. M



12.5-14.5 M



The only terminal of this type in Klaipеda seaport. It can store and handle liquid food products, vegetable oils etc. All the terminals technological equipment and storage tanks are made of stainless steel.

All the tanks are heated and have an option to keep a proper cargo temperature by heating. In winter periods frozen cargoes, delivered by railway, may be quickly thawed up in a special discharging railway station, where up to 10 rail-tanks or cars may be simultaneously thawed up.

Technical data

Berths: NR. 71-72

Max. Vessel Draft: 11.5 M

Number of tanks for edible oil: 4

Number of tanks for technical oil: 3

Edible oil storage capacity: 2.500 m3

Technical oil storage capacity: 9.000 m3

Annual capacity:  1,2 million tons