Dry bulk fertilizers terminal


Year capacity:

3.7 MLN. T



185.000 T



14.5 M



Dry bulk fertilizers are the largest part of the company “BEGA” cargo turnover. Our company has the most experience in the port of Klaipeda of handling this type of cargo.

The fertilizer terminal facilities contain mechanized 35.000, 40.000, 50.000 and 60.000 tons warehouses, three railcars discharging stations with different capacities, transport galleries, a stationary loader and two mobile loaders.

The discharging rate from the railcars is 1,500 per hour and the ship loading rate is 2,500 tons per hour. Depending on needs of cargo owners and logistics solutions, various handling schemes are possible.

Technical data

Berths: NR. 69-72

Depth at berths: 14.5 M

Number of warehouses: 5

Storage capacity: 185.000 TONS

Vessel Loading Capacity: 20.000 TONS/DAY

Railcars unloading capacity: to 12.000 TONS/DAY

Annual capacity: 3.7 MLN. TONS