Bulks import-export terminal


Year capacity:

2 MLN. T



180.000 T



14.5 M



Up to 180.000 t of various bulks - apatite concentrate, phosphorite, soda ash, raw sugar and other bulks - may be simultaneously warehoused in the four sections of the bulks warehouses.

Vessels are being loaded by 20-104 t lifting capacity portal cranes with the handling rate of 15.000 t a day. Employing grabs or conveyor line, equipped with a crusher, sieving device, steel collection and dust suppression as well as bulks' weighing equipment, bulks are being loaded from the warehouse into railcars at the handling rate of 8.000 t a day.

The following handling schemes are being employed: vessel-warehouse, vessel-railcar, warehouse-railcar and warehouse-vessel.

Technical data

Berths:  NR. 67-68

Max. Vessel Draft: 13,4 M

Number of warehouses: 5

Storage capacity: 180.000 TONS

Vessel loading/unloading capacity: 15.000 TONS/DAY

Loading from the warehouse to the rail wagons capacity : 8.000 TONS/DAY

Annual capacity:  2 million tons